Asian Music

My friend ever told me, “There is no genre border on music!”

I think, that’s true!

I am an Indonesian boy. I was born here, exactly in Sumatera Island. Do you know Sumatera Island? In ancient map (such as Ptolomeus), Sumatera was called as Suvharnadwipa or Suwharnabhumi. What does it means? Suwharnadwipa measn island of gold.

Back to the main topic. When i was child, i often heard music from Malaysian. Because in my country (Indonesia), Malaysian music had ever being a trend in 1990s. And, i entered elementary school. In that school, i found many chinese boys and girls. And they are so cute!! Haha… Actually, i am not a chinese boy. My tribe is BATAK, exactly Batak Toba. Many expert said that Batak Toba actually came from Thailand in thousands years ago. I think so.

Why did i talk about myself? What did the relationship to the music i talked about? Hahaha,, i just want to introduce myself a litte. When i was senior high school, American music and Indonesian music is my favourite. I didn’t like Eastern Asian Music, such as Japan, Korean, Taiwan, Chinese, and include Thailand. In my mind, their music is a toxic and waste (i was sorry if i had ever thought about that).

But, someday i watched Korean dramas. The title was You are My Destiny (Neoneun Nae Unmyeong). One of the cast was Im Yoon Ah ‘SNSD’ acted as Kim Sae Byeok. I saw her very cute, and since then i became fall in love with Korean! Then i watched another Korean dramas which was titled Dream High 1. Both of this drama were broadcasted in my country in the same month, July 2011. And since i watched Dream High, i became fall in love with Korean Music as known as K-Pop.

Then, i explored and downloaded many Korean music in a sudden. Before i like Korean Music, i thought that K-Pop is a gay or a waste. But, i was wrong! Korean music is a GRACE! What a wonderful kind of music! And i never expected that i will be a K-PopLover!

Actually, before i liked Korean dramas, i loved American thriller movie, cold-blood killer, horror, mystery, ghost. That’s why i didn’t like Korean dramas, because most of Korean dramas’ genre is not thriller, but romantic and comedy.

And before i liked Korean music, i loved American poprock music, such as Linkin Park, Metallica, Good Charlotte, Muse, etc. And i have ever thought that the members of Korean boyband = shemale. Do you know shemale? A sissy boy!! Haha,, because they used make-up and cover their face, and their face become as cute as girl!

But, when i started to like Korean music, my mind has changed. Their style is just their stage-act. They are also normal people, just like us. And i think, Korean style is one of the most popular style in this world….

Before you judge something, you should know that thing deeper and better.

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