Asian Music

My friend ever told me, “There is no genre border on music!”

I think, that’s true!

I am an Indonesian boy. I was born here, exactly in Sumatera Island. Do you know Sumatera Island? In ancient map (such as Ptolomeus), Sumatera was called as Suvharnadwipa or Suwharnabhumi. What does it means? Suwharnadwipa measn island of gold.

Back to the main topic. When i was child, i often heard music from Malaysian. Because in my country (Indonesia), Malaysian music had ever being a trend in 1990s. And, i entered elementary school. In that school, i found many chinese boys and girls. And they are so cute!! Haha… Actually, i am not a chinese boy. My tribe is BATAK, exactly Batak Toba. Many expert said that Batak Toba actually came from Thailand in thousands years ago. I think so. Baca entri selengkapnya »

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