In Korean language, there are three words of greeting that we usually hear and say.

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) = Hello! How are you?
Annyeonghigyeseyo (안녕히계세요) = Goodbye! (to the person who are leaving)
Annyeonghigaseyo (안녕히가세요) = Goodbye! (to the person who are being left)


In Korean language we should know the type of sentence. When we speak to someone, we must know WHO ARE THAT PERSON? Our friends? Our parents? Our manager? Or our king/president? Different person, we use different kind of sentence.

There are three type of POLITE FORM in Korean language:
1. Impolite Informal: was used for the close people to us, example our friends, best friends.
2. Impolite Formal: was used to the higher position from us, just like our parents or our friend in office.
3. Polite Formal: was used in the formal condition. Example, to our boss, manager, to our king.


Commonly, word order in some language is:
Subject + Verb + Object + Adverb.

But in Korean, it has different form:
Adverb of Time + Subject + Object + Adverb of Place + Adverb of Manner + Verb.

For example:
Yoona is eating in my room yesterday.
= Eoje Yoona-ga nae bang-e meokko isseosseoyo. (어제 윤아가 네 방에 먹고 있었어요)

Eoje = Yesterday
Nae bang = My room
Meok = eat —> Meok-ta = to eat

About particle “-ga” in subject and “-ko isseosseoyo” will be explained detailly next time.

Verb in Korean, particle “-da” usually was attached. It has the same meaning of “to” infinitive in English.

Meok-ta (Meogda) (먹다) = to eat
Masi-da (마시다) = to drink
Ha-da (하다) = to do
Gongbuha-da (공부하다) = to study



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