PUISI: Poem of Leaving Old-being Human

In a habit
he lied while HE hated lying
he put his pride into his greedy palace
and it’s hurted HIM
he built a darkness valley that HE’d never created
once he fell, he forgot HIM
his eye of murkiness caused everyone also fell
lost and be forgotten

In his palace
he provided a good table
make you felt enjoy
and felt as if you were in your heaven
But, what if…
HE come suddenly
try to knock your door?
Shall you open the door,
or act as if you’re not at home
HE wanted you stay in HIS grace
because of HIS kindness
no more
Shall you still live in his greedy palace
or leave it, and choose HIS grace
Actually, you’ll find the answer yourself
or even you’ve found it….


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